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Alamo Web Design has developed a number of professional web sites and custom web solutions for clients from all over the world. We are using a new technology called Elementor to build.

Read below to see what our clients have to say about our abilities:

Alamo Web Design is the difference between good and great. Constructing my first Web-page, it was comforting to meet personally for face time with their staff and we met at a location convenient to me. They not only informed but educated on the entire Web page system which would not only deliver but show case my site in a highly professional manner. But the real closer for me was the fact they revealed the hidden factors of Web-designing, setup and launching; and surprised me with a bonus at no cost. Peace of m mind was refreshing in doing business locally as opposed the “in the blue” with California and New York Web-design vendors on a “Do it yourself” bases. Finally their basic package is a real value.

Allen Church, Attorney at Law [email protected]

I give Alamo Web Design permssion to use this as an endorsement.

Recently the small business I own, Complete Incident Response Training (CIRT), hired Alamo Web Design to create a web site. The decision to hire Alamo Web Design was made after one year of searching and speaking with many web site design companies. With a down economy right now the decision to invest in a web site to grow my company was a very difficult one. After my first face-to-face meeting with Armando Ortiz, there was no doubt he was the man for the job! Armando took the time to listen not only about how I wanted the web site designed, but he also took the time to get to know me and what my small business does so that the web site would reflect my values and principles. I have never been involved in creating or owning a web site, and Armando’s patience with my many questions was very much appreciated. Alamo Web Design went above and beyond the basic design that we originally agreed upon while keeping the cost for the additional changes I requested at a minimum. As a small business owner, I always appreciate the opportunity to conduct business with people that demonstrate great integrity. Armando Ortiz certainly has that figured out! I would recommend Alamo Web Design to any business, large or small, that is looking to have a web site designed.

Respectfully, Robert Tuttle
Complete Incident Response Training (CIRT) 

Mr. Ortiz is a wonderful and kind gentleman. When I 1st approached him to look at taking over and “maybe” donating his services for a website he didn’t even hesitate! That is how great of a guy he is. I have had the pleasure of knowing Mr. Ortiz for alittle of 2 years and the knowledge that he brings to the table for different ideas and concepts are remarkable. Thank you so much for believing in the foundation and helping us with the non-profit.

Elaine Edwards-Ploucher, President/Founder
Let The Children Come To Me Foundation

Looking for someone to bring new life into your existing website, then Alamo Web Design is your choice!  Easy to work with and great ideas, Armando has the skills to get the job done.  Will continue to use his services in the future!


Gordon Braswell, President
Thousand Oaks Automotive   

Armando was wonderful to work with. The web page was something I was dreading. Armando made it hassle free and even got us free from a national web hosting company that had not done anything with our website in months. He is always prompt and professional. Armando has a creative edge that allowed our website to be better than we had imagined.

I would recommend Alamo Web Design to anyone.

-Heather – Travis Cox MS, PT

After a bad experience with a previous web designer I found Armando and was impressed with his knowledge and skill in custom websites. Armando was dedicated to creating a website that I would love by integrating my needs with new technology. His professionalism reflected honesty and integrity as well as quick response times.

Thanks to Armando I could not be happier with my website and I would recommend him to anyone.

-Misty Tyson (Realtor)

Mr. Ortiz is a wonderful person that goes the extra mile to help you out with your web site. I highly recommend him to anyone that is starting their business or needs help in setting up their web site. Mr. Ortiz goes beyond his professionalism to make sure your website is working. Since I had a awful experience with this other web site people. Mr. Ortiz assure me how everything would be up and running for our company, and he sure did. Alamo Web Design are Awesome!!!!

Marcie Tapia
International Maritime Security Force
Sent 8/6/2010

My message: I just wanted to compliment you.  I was on the Villas of Case Celeste website (www.thevillasofcasaceleste.com) and was very impressed with your work!  One of the nicest sites I have ever seen.  If anyone ever asks me for a recommendation I will be sure to send them your way.  And by the way – thank you for your service!!

My Name: Charlene Emmett
My email: [email protected]
My phone: 727-686-8533
My subject: websites


Recieved via email: 7/06/10

“Words can’t express the gratitude I felt when I got a “live” person on the phone who was not reading off a script and actually lived in the local area. I had been searching for a web designer for 3 weeks and was so frustrated with the process that I was ready to give up. They all wanted to give me a canned web design that looked like thousands of others and were not willing to meet my unique needs. Armando impressed me when he said he wanted to meet with me to discuss what my business was about. After our meeting he recommended that I distinguish myself from the competition by having my webpage personnel and warm. He offered great suggestions for how to accomplish this and taught me a lot about how promote my business. He was offering a service far above just the web design and was so much more personal than the other 15-20 companies that I spoke with that I knew I had found the right company! 

Throughout the building of the site he kept me informed and met with me as needed to ensure a quality product. He was patient with my re-writes and changes and encouraged me throughout to make sure I had exactly the design I wanted. He did several extras to the design that would have cost hundreds more   had I chosen another other company. He did this without being asked, and simply to make sure that his customer was satisfied. I felt that Armando was a business partner and was vested in my success. I highly recommend him to anyone who is interested in web design and business development.”

Thank you
Tammy Ross
Ross Healthcare Solutions, PLCC
Sent 6/18/10

“I got my website done by Armando and it turned out amazingly beautiful. Armando is great at his work, and the amount of time he spend on each content is really appreciated and i highly recommend Alamo Web Design to anyone who wants to have a successful business and a good looking website is your key to your business. Once again, I would like to thank Armando for a wonderful job!”

– Ashley, Owner
Image Makers Studio and Spa
Sent 5/8/10

Bil Sullivan Photography
“I couldn’t have been more pleased with Alamo Web Design.  Development was quick, and Armando did exactly what he said he was going to do for the price he quoted me to create exactly the site I wanted.” 

– Bil Sullivan
Sent 1/30/09

Mr. Ortiz,
We would like to thank you so much for making our company logo.  Your services at Alamo Web Design were fast, efficient, and extremely professional.  Our logo turned out to be better than I imagined and I could not ask for more.  Our company will be getting in touch with you soon to work on our website for we know that Alamo Web Design is a company that we can trust!
Thank you again,
Carlo Aranibar and Rebecca Brock
Carlo Cassinelli – Sent 7/02/08
To Alamo Web Design ,
I would like to take a minute to express my gratitude to Alamo Web Design. In September when I first met with Mr. Ortiz, I informed him of the quick turn-around that was needed for my website (which was 3 weeks). He explained to me that it was not a problem, that he could have it done before my deadline and at no extra cost. And to say the least, I was very relieved.
I was very relieved because I had already spent a substantial amount of money on the advertising of my website. Mr. Ortiz told me he would get right on it. And 3 days later, not 3 weeks, but 3 days later I received a call from Mr. Ortiz Informing me that my site was done.
I was simply blown away by the service and quality of Alamo Web Design, Mr. Ortiz did every thing he promised, and then some. I highly recommend his services; the prices and quality can’t be beat. I am now currently working on my next project and when I’m done, guess who will be designing my site? Yep you guessed it! ALAMO WEB DESIGN!
Terry Howard
Alamo Web Design
Dear Mr. Armando Ortiz
I want to thank you for the outstanding job you did in designing my website.  I found Alamo Web Design in the Internet and chose your company because you offered a great price and quick turnaround. 
The service we received was above and beyond expectations.  The end product was of a very high standard.  I will certainly recommend you to my friends and colleagues. (June 2007)
Blanca Hernández
May 14, 2007
To Whom It May Concern
In February 2006, we began searching for a San Antonio area web site designer.  After contacting several designers and discussing our ideas for a web site, in mid-March 2006 we decided to present our proposal to Mr. Armando Ortiz, owner of Alamo Web Design.  Our initial meeting couldn’t have been any better.  We showed Armando our proposal, he made some very positive recommendations, and we made a deal.  In less than a month our web site was up and running.  Whenever we have had to make changes to our web site, it has been painless and fast.
We are completely satisfied with the service Armando and Alamo Web Design has provided for us and would not hesitate to recommend Alamo Web Design.
Allen F. Morey, M.D.
Secretary Treasurer

Good afternoon Mr. Ortiz!!  First of all sir, we would like to say that, We really love our new website, the way you designed and programmed is extremely professional, and outstanding!! Thank you so much for all your efforts in creating this awesome website for our Company.  We will be contacting you soon to set up a good day and time to meet with you.  Thank you once again for everything!

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