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Our Alamo Web Design’s Fast Site Service specializes in providing fast and reliable web design and hosting solutions for individuals, and  small companies around the San Antonio, Texas area ONLY. With our primary focus on service and reliability, Alamo Web Design’s Site Service has partnered with Should you need hosting. Recommend SiteGround or HostGator that utilizes only the latest in technology for your web site. New! We now offer Internet web page hosting. Recommend SiteGround or HostGator. We are using new technology called Elementor to build.

After a free consultation, we will get right to work designing your site, using all of the latest technologies available for the web. Once the design is completed and you have approved it, Alamo Web Design’s Fast Site Service can find a home for it on the Internet and get it up and running flawlessly and quickly. 

 Just follow the below listed Seven steps in getting noticed on the Internet almost immediately.

This service is being provided due to our clients expressing the urgency of having their web site services on the Internet within 1 to 5 days providing we recieve information/images you require placed on your site. My slogan of “You Build It & They Will Come” holds true of my clients needing to be on the Leading Edge of wanting to be successful on the Internet!

Seven Steps

First Step: Brainstorm/discuss with your staff on the type of business, service, club, organization, personal site you would like to have. Pick the theme, color scheme, images, and links you would want your site to spring off to. Think of a unique domain name you would want to have for your web site. Go to next step.

Second Step: Subscribe to SiteGround or HostGator Choose the affordable Plan package that you desire to have.  Email us your user ID and password so we could go to work. Once, your site is finished you will be able to change your password. Go to next step.

Third Step: Go to “Prices” Page and choose the Hatchling Plan, Baby Plan or Business Plan via SiteGround or HostGator hosting partner’s and click on the “Contact Us” link and provide details for the desired service. These are the only services allowed on the Alamo Web Design service.  Click on the contact page and place/upload  your text, images, comments and links here. Go to next step.

Fourth Step: Once paid, I will access your Alamo Web Hosting account and begin building your own web site. We are using new technology called Elementor to build that you would purchase for $49.00 per year. I will stay in contact with you throughout the building process. Just make sure you stay within your package you purchased. If an e-commerce account is needed, I recommend PayPal. Click on the PayPal to create Free account. Additional web site needs will be done at a $125.00 hourly fee. Go to next step.

Fifth Step: You will be giving three viewings for any changes you may have. Once, you have expressed your satisfaction then we have completed your site. During this step your Meta Tags will be set via Kit Google. (Very important) These are required so that the search engines can find your site on the Internet. Go to next step.

Sixth Step: At this time your domain name will be connected. You can order your domain by clicking here.Once obtained we will connect your site. Go to next step.

Seventh Step: This is your last step Now your site live!

Congratulations! Your Site is on the Internet “Live”! To Your Success!

Fact: “Adding new content and updating current information keeps your web site “fresh” and encourges visitors to bookmark and return to your site often, which leads to increased sales and profits.”

Webmaster Services

Alamo Web Design also has Web Site Maintenance plans starting at just *$125 per hour. The services we will perform on your site can include updating a calendar of events, what’s new, specials, new products, services and more. To view the available options, view the plans listed below, or Click here to request a quotation online.

*To determine the plan that fits your needs there are many factors to consider, namely the number of pages on your site, and the extent of the maintenance to be performed. If your needs are more complex, we can design a maintenance plan that works best for you. Hourly rate is $125.00 per hr. To request a quotation click here.

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