Our 7 Steps into the Internet world

Our 7 Steps into the Internet world.

First Step:Brainstorm/discuss with your staff on the type of business, service, club, organization, personal site you would like to have. Pick the theme, color scheme, images, and links you would want your site to spring off to. Think of a unique domain name you would want to have for your web site. Go to next step.

Second Step:Subscribe to Alamo Web Hosting. Tell us your desired hosting package that will support up to 10 pages. If e-commerce is needed let us know to help you choose the correct hosting package. If you already have hosting, mail us your user ID and password so we could go to work on your existing site we are to rebuild. Once, your site is finished you will be able to change your password. Go to next step.

Third Step: For larger sites, contact us by clicking on the “Contact Us” link. Provide your text, images, comments and links as attachment via email. Go to next step.

Fourth Step:Once paid, we will access your Alamo Web Hosting account or existing site (remake) and begin building your web site. We will stay in contact with you throughout the building process. If a payment system account is needed, we recommend PayPal. Click here the PayPal to create free account. Additional web site needs will be done at a $85.00 hourly fee. Go to next step.

Fifth Step:You will be giving three viewings for you to recommend any changes you may have. Once, you have expressed your satisfaction then we have completed your site. During this step your Meta Tags will be set. (Very important) These are required so that the search engines can find your site on the Internet. Go to next step.

Sixth Step:At this time your domain name will be connected. You can order your domain by going to the Go Daddy “Find a domain name now” box below. After you registered we will connect your site to your new domain name. If you have a preference of a domain name let us know. Go to next step.

Seventh Step: This is your last step. If desired you can sign up with our SEO placement services to receive potential customers to your new site. Now your site is live and receiving traffic! Request a Quote for larger sites by clicking here